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Alzheimer's, dementia and essential oils: stories

Below, we have collected some stories about how essential oils can support individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia. For a list of scientific studies on this topic, click here.


Note: studies have shown that sesquiterpenes can pass the blood-brain barrier. Oils high in sesquiterpenes include frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, myrrh, vetiver and ylang ylang.
My mom has advanced Alzheimer's. She takes medication daily, and while it does help in some aspects, she has had quite a difficult time these past few months. I heard some good things about Alzheimer's and Frankincense oil. I talked to her about it and she agreed to give it a try. I applied it twice on the back of her neck yesterday and once this morning. Doesn't seem like much, but this morning she forgot to take her medication. While that is not out of the ordinary, she had a really good day today! I didn't even realize she hadn't taken her am pills until tonight and I couldn't believe how stress free she and I were today. I oiled her up again tonight and sprayed some on her pillow. I apply three drops to the base of her neck and massage in rubbing upwards. I also put a dab behind each ear and for good measure, the top of her head. Tonight I put Frankincense and water in a spray bottle and sprayed her pillow and the area of her bedding that will be closest to her face.

Lavender essential oil
Sitting with my grandma today. She has Alzheimer's and is prone to crying and being very pessimistic. Today when she started getting upset I put a drop of lavender on her pillow and another on her chest. Within a couple of minutes she stopped crying and became much more reasonable/logical.

Basic Vitality Supplements
My Mom has advanced Alzheimer's disease.  She had gotten to the point where she was sitting or lying down with her eyes closed all the time and would open them when spoken to.  She wasn't recognizing my brother any more for maybe 6 months.  She had to be prompted to eat, was not socializing, was weak and unsteady on her feet.
In March we started her on Basic Vitality Supplements.  Within days, the staff were saying, you know - she seems to be doing better.  Each week we have watched her improve - with much delight! After 2 weeks she recognized my brother and with a huge smile on her face said, Oh Wow!  I haven't seen you in so long!  I asked her how she was and she said, "Fine", I said you are?  She said, "yes - VERY GOOD!"  we were grinning from ear to ear!  The following week she was strong in her legs and we didn't have to support her to walk.  She was no longer closing her eyes, she was trying to talk and she was going to the social hall.
Now, 3.5 months later, with only 1/2 dose per day, she is having great days.  She is playing bingo, eating better, strong in her body, talking, interested in working her word-find puzzles, recognizing my brother, whew!  Last Sunday, she even had communion at the church service!  And we are all so delighted at the positive changes that have taken place, with only adding the Basic Vitality Supplements to her routine.
My Mom has advanced Alzheimer’s. She has been using the Basic Vitality Supplements  for a year. She has survived a UTI, a respiratory infection and in January, a broken hip. In early February 2012 she was without the Basic Vitality supplements as I was away and I couldn’t get someone from home to take the to the facility so I finally mailed a set to the assisted living. (I think she was without them for about 2 weeks or more.) I received a call a few days later saying how much better she was now that she had the Basic Vitality supplements again. Then, yesterday I received two calls as described here: 
I received a call from Mom’s nurse yesterday. She said, your Mom is doing wonderfully. She is smiling every day and happy. 
Then, the Hospice Nurse called and he said, “Your Mom is doing so well. She is happy, strong, she can put 30% weight on her leg (with the broken hip) to help transfer to the wheelchair (no pain), and she loves watching TV and going to the activity room again. I feel those Basic Vitality supplements are making her like this, especially when we saw her decline without them and then recover quickly with them.”
My dad  started his journey with Basic Vitality supplements and has never gotten off. The first month, that's all he was on and the results from this were amazing. He had been on several prescriptions for a year or more when we started him on the Basic Vitality supplements. He continued taking the following rx's for the first month and then we started taking him off of the meds, cutting one at a time in half then eliminating them altogether. The originating meds and dosages are as follows: 10mg Namenda 2xday, .25 mg Alprazolam 3xday, Sertaline 25 mg 1xday, Enalapril 10mg.
Here's the list of oils we added to the Basic Vitality supplements regimen as noted in the chart are: Lavender, Calming Blend (3x day on both of these applied at the back of neck at base of skull), Frankincense, Sandalwood and Digestive Blend are given to him at night on bottoms of feet. Digestive Blend unrelated to dementia; helps him to not get constipation. Also, we diffuse Lavender or Serenity throughout the day as needed when my Dad's agitated, confused or gets grumpy.

Essential oil treatment
I have been working with an elderly lady who has Alzheimer’s and have had astounding results with an essential oil treatment that involves 8 different oils (Grounding blend, lavender, melaleuca, Protective blend, Massage blend, Soothing blend, peppermint and orange).  I give her one essential oil treatment a week and have been for a year now, and her husband has informed me of the progress through last year.  After 1 treatment her depression and despondency totally eased off, after 4 1/2 months she was talking about getting her drivers license back and wanting to go back to work....both of these things she was really not able to do....but I guess the thought counts as progress is made...she has not been sick even one time this last year..., and her husband is convinced that she is in the peak of health for her condition and not in a nursing home because of the essential oil treatments.

My mom's family has a long history of dementia. At 77 my mom was showing some serious signs (to the point we as her children were starting to talk about long term care, she is aware of the dementia and showing concerns also). I  saw that Melissa and Lemon essential oils were recommended. I have a little Melissa so I made a 10% solution for her in a roller bottle. She is very sensitive to citrus oils so I made a 2% solution of Lemon essential oil in a second roller bottle. She has been using it for 2 weeks. She is carrying on conversations, she is getting things done now where before she would sit and say "I know I have things to do, but just can't get them done". She is venturing out with friends again. This is very exciting for me as my mom's family has a long lifespan.
Cellular Complex blend, Focus Blend, Basic Vitality supplements, Frankincense, Lavender are a few I use for my mom with dementia. They are working and helping her.

Alzheimer's, dementia and essential oils: scientific studies

Below, we have summarized some research involving individuals with dementia or Alzheimer's and essential oils. To read some stories about how individuals have been supported by essential oils, click here.

Lavender essential oil

The International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry reports two studies using essential oils to calm agitated patients with dementia.  A placebo-controlled study that involved 15 patients in Canada reported that lavender had a modest efficacy in the treatment of agitated patients with dementia (Holmes et al. 2002), while a placebo-controlled cross-over study that was conducted in China with 70 patients reported a “significant decrease in agitated behavior” (Lin et al. 2007). 

Holmes C, Hopkins V, Hensford C, et al. 2002. Lavender oil as a treatment for agitated behaviour in severe dementia: a placebo controlled study. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 17:305-308. 

Read powerpoint presentation summarizing the results of Lin et al. (2007) here.

Rosemary, lemon, lavender and orange essential oils

28 days of aromatherapy consisting of the use of rosemary and lemon essential oils in the morning, and lavender and orange essential oils in the evening, resulted in significant improvement in personal orientation related to cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.

Daiki Jimbo, Yuki Kimura, Miyako Taniguchi, Masashi Inoue, Katsuya Urakami. Effect of aromatherapy on patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Psychogeriatrics. 2009 Dec. 9(4):173-9. PMID: 20377818.

Melissa essential oil

In a double-blinded randomized placebo controlled experiment, at four months, Melissa officinalis extract produced a significantly better outcome on cognitive function than placebo (ADAS-cog: df = 1, F = 6.93, p = 0.01; CDR: df = 1, F = 16.87, p < 0.0001). There were no significant differences in the two groups in terms of observed side effects except agitation, which was more common in the placebo group (p = 0.03).

Akhondzadeh et al. concluded that Melissa officinalis extract is of value in the management of mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease and has a positive effect on agitation in such patients.

S Akhondzadeh, M Noroozian, M Mohammadi, S Ohadinia, A Jamshidi, and M Khani Roozbeh. 2003 Melissa officinalis extract in the treatment of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease: a double blind, randomised, placebo controlled trial. Journal of Neurological and Neurosurgical Psychiatry 74(7): 863–866. 

More reading:
  • An article entitled "Aromatherapy for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease" summarizes additional scientific studies about this topic. The scientific studies involved lavender, lemon balm (melissa), marjoram, patchouli and vetiver. Read more here.
    • "What is remarkable is that all treatments resulted in significant benefit, including (in most instances) reductions in agitation, sleeplessness, wandering and unsociable behaviour."
  • An article in the Alternative Daily states that lavender, rosemary, lemon balm (aka melissa), ylang ylang, bergamot and peppermint essential oils can support individuals with dementia. Read more here.
  • This article recommends the same 6 essential oils, in addition to ginger essential oil. Read more here.

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Role of essential oils in the treatment and management of ADHD

A semi-qualitative study performed on students with ADHD (ages 11-12) showed positive results when essential oils were used. Concentration improved and students stayed calmer, longer, and recovered quickly from upsets. There were fewer disruptions to lessons.

Several essential oils are recommended, including:
  • bergamot;
  • cedarwood
  • clary sage;
  • eucalyptus; 
  • frankincense 
  • geranium
  • lavender
  • orange
  • patchouli;
  • peppermint;
  • rosemary;
  • sandalwood; and
  • ylang ylang.
  Read the entire paper here.

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Osteoporosis and essential oils

A story to share:
My mom had beginning stage of osteoporosis, She went to the doctor & He informed her that she now has only a little bit of bone loss! She has been using the Frankincense & taking the Cellular Complex Liquicaps. Mom is shocked herself in all this, but loves the way she is feeling. She is also taking less pain pills as she says she feels better and No more insomnia. She even sleeps better!

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Molluscum and essential oils

Some stories about molluscum and essential oils.

I used tea tree when my daughter had it. I dabbed it on each bump. It cleared up for my daughter this way. 


My friend used diluted Protective Essential Oil Blend twice per day topically and it stopped the spread.


I've used tea tree, lavender and frankincense. They were gone within a few days. 


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Tourette's syndrome and essential oils - stories

 Some stories about Tourette's syndrome and essential oils.
I have Tourette's Syndrome coupled with hyperactivity / focus issues. I have been using Calming Blend, Frankincense, and Invigorating Blend. I have noticed that the combination helps me stay calm and concentrate so I can get my work done during the day. I use it aromatically (using direct inhalation) and topically on the back of my neck and feet. At night I only use the Calming Blend and Frankincense to help calm my brain so I can sleep. At night I also use the two oils aromatically (using direct inhalation) and topically (back of neck and feet).
The Basic Vitality Supplements, Focus Blend and Grounding Blend work well for my Tourette's syndrome adult kiddo plus he uses lavender for calming. Tourette's syndrome often partners with OCD, anxiety, focus / hyperactivity issues, etc.
We use a blend containing lavender, marjoram, clary sage, vetiver, frankincense and ylang ylang for my husband who has Tourette's. It works very well on calming his Tics, reducing anxiety and increasing focus. I would also recommend doing a cleanse with  GI Cleansing Formula / Probiotic Defense Formula. I would also highly recommend the Basic Vitality Supplements and Cellular Complex Blend. HUGE, HUGE neurological support there.

My son has autism, Tourette's and OCD. We use a frankincense, lavender, cedarwood, vetiver blend  in roller bottle with carrier oil on his neck before bed and in morning. His tics are done to almost none, OCD has gotten a ton better and his concentration has gotten 100% better as well as anxiety. In a 10 mL rollerbottle, use 10 drops of each of the above oils and fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil.

The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any specific medical condition. Please consult with a qualified physician or health care professional concerning any condition or treatment.

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Aromatherapy use in hospital admissions

There were 10,262 hospital admissions during the study time frame in which nurse-delivered aromatherapy was part of patient care at 10 hospitals in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Essential oils generally resulted in significant clinical improvements based on their intended use. Sweet marjoram was the most effective for decreasing pain, while lavender and sweet marjoram decreased patient anxiety, and ginger decreased nausea. In addition, each oil also showed ancillary benefits for other symptoms.

Read the scientific abstract here.

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Diffusing orange essential oil reduces patient anxiety at a dental office

A scientific study involving 72 patients found that diffusing orange essential oil reduced patient anxiety and increased positivity at a dental office compared to a control group (Lehmer et al. 2000).

Read the scientific abstract here.

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High blood pressure and essential oils - Recommendations

The following essential oils are recommended for high blood pressure:

Lemon essential oil 
- Lemon essential oil will regulate blood pressure (either raise or lower as necessary)
- Place 1-2 drops of oil  in your water, under the tongue or place 1-3 drops of oil in an empty capsule; ingest up to 3 times per day.

Ylang ylang 

- Inhalation of ylang ylang significantly decreased the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in healthy subjects (Jung et al. 2013).

- Subjects who had ylang ylang oil applied to their skin had decreased blood pressure, increased skin temperature and reported feelings more calm and relaxed than did subjects in the control group (Hongratanaworakit and Buchbauer 2006)

- Inhaled ylang ylang oil was found to decrease blood pressure and pulse rate and to enhance attentiveness and alertness in volunteers compared to an odorless control (Hongratanaworakit and Buchbauer 2004)


- Treatment of rats with 1,8-cineole (or eucalptol, found in eucalyptus, rosemary and marjoram) demonstrated an ability to lower blood pressure without decreasing heart rate through vascular wall relaxation (Lahlou et al. 2002)

Individuals have also had success with:
Clary Sage
Grounding blend
Calming blend
Invigorating blend

Blend 1

Combine 10 drops ylang ylang, 5 drop marjoram and 5 drops cypress in 1 oz fractionated coconut oil.

Blend 2

Combine 5 drops of geranium, 8 drops of lemongrass, and 3 drops of lavender in 1 oz fractionated coconut oil.

Bath blend

Place 3 drops of ylang ylang and 3 drops of marjoram in bathwater and bathe in the evening twice a week.

General application of essential oils

Recommended applications include several drops applied with massage to the bottom of the feet, on the wrists, along the breast bone, massage over the heart,  and to the back of the neck. Also diffusion might be effective, and adding the oil or blend to a bath (agitating the water often).

Read some stories of individuals who used essential oils for high blood pressure here.

High blood pressure and essential oils - Stories

Stories of individuals with high blood pressure and essential oils.

 Ylang ylang

Thank you ylang ylang!! I am 38.5 weeks pregnant, on bed rest for extremely high blood pressure. I have been using our ylang ylang for 3 days and my BP is back to normal!!

I have been using these two oils (frankincense and ylang ylang) for about 10 months now and I have been so happy with the results... I have a history of high blood pressure in my family. I find that if I don’t exercise regularly my blood pressure starts to creep up to unhealthy levels. When I found about essential oils I started to research all the healing properties they have and how to apply them to my own needs. I figured it would be good to use myself as my own case study to start.  I have been able to keep my BP levels in the healthy range for months; applying the oils and also exercising more often.


I use marjoram for my high blood pressure. I put 2-5 drops in a capsule at night. Marjoram has a smooth muscle relaxing effect so I believe that it helps me sleep as well. Once a day is all that it has taken for me to go from systolic blood pressure 140's down to 112'ish.

Ylang ylang /  marjoram with other essential oils

On Jan 23, 2013 my mom called and said that she is a believer. I had sent home a roll on bottle with some oils that lowered blood pressure on the 21st to see if we could lower her blood pressure. Her numbers had gotten real high, the herbs she was taking weren’t working as strongly as they had at the start. So I looked in my essential oils book and found this recipe. I made it up and she put it on her left foot over the heart reflex point, her left hand same spot, over the heart reflex point and then on her heart. In 3 days she dropped to normal numbers 120/66.

 This what she used:
  • 10 drops Ylang Ylang;
  • 5 drops Cypress;
  • 5 drops Marjoram.
Fill the rest of the 10ml roll on bottle with the fractionated coconut oil. Shake gently to blend them all together apply to your reflex points for the heart on the left foot and hand. Then put over your heart.

 My dad's bp was 225/109 even on three bp meds. He was always in stroke range. Then a cardiovascular guy told me to give him 2 drops each of marjoram and helichrysum. In thirty minutes his bp was down to 135/74. That was in 2010. In three months he was off his bp meds and to this day controls his bp with oils, now using lemongrass and marjoram. He is 79.


Well actually I have a GREAT story…I began using the oils in July 2010…lemon oil was very high on my positive list and I have taken a minimum of 10 drops per day since July 2010…at the time I was also on 320mg of Diovan daily…then about 6 months later I thought maybe I could decrease the amount and had an Rx for 160mg so I began that around Dec/Jan. In May of this yr I was feeling horrible as if my bp was too low so my MD lowered my meds again this time to the lowest dosage (60mg) and I kept a daily journal of my bp for a month. I was still feeling bad and my bp was low for me like REALLY low 96/58 so my MD told me I could come off my meds completely and we’d see how I do:)  I should also note that I began taking basic vitality supplements in March along with my daily intake of Lemon.

I am very happy to report that my bp is normal/great!!!

Here’s my regimen:

Lemon (still 20+ drops/day in water or capsule but I muscle tested to see how many drops daily)
Basic vitality supplements

Nightly I apply the following by layering over my heart as well as pressure points on my left hand and left foot:
3-4 drops Marjoram
2 drops Ylang Ylang
3 drops Lavender
2-3 drops Serenity
My husband is on his third week off all his blood pressure, cholesterol, restless leg and allergy meds. He first lost over 20 pounds using Metabolic essential oil blend and has been on the basic vitality supplements for 4 months. He is using 3 drops each lavender, basil, marjoram when he has a spike. That seems to work great for him. This is a very serious issue and if you are going off any blood pressure meds you should own BP cuff and be taking a reading several times a day. He takes it with him to work too and checks throughout the day. So far he has only had to take that dose once a day and sometimes it's been two days and his readings have not been crazy high. Averaging around 112 over 85 and lower.

I also have been off my blood pressure meds for quite some time now, using oils daily. I made my own rollerball, here is the ratio of what I used, 6 Eucalyptus, 10 Ylang Ylang, 6 Marjoram, 5 Cypress, 5 Lemongrass, 5 lavender, 4 Clove, 5 Geranuim, Lemon, 4 Wintergreen, 4 Vetiver then equal amount of fractionated coconut oils, actually I probably used more than that. I roll on left foot, left wrist, heart and carotid arteries, usually morning after getting up and before going to bed. I elected to throw in Lemongrass for cholesterol, lemon for detox and some of the others for different stresses.

Frankincense essential oil 

Frankincense for high blood pressure. My father in law is in the hospital and I used it on him. It was down to normal in one minute. I just watched the numbers drop, it was so crazy. He was up to 176 before I used it... I put it on the bottom of his feet from his big toe to his heel.

Lemon essential oil 

 Just 8 drops of lemon essential oil in water a day lowered my blood pressure!


I am off my blood pressure meds! Can you believe it? I feel like a million bucks. I think my BP meds were really trashing my energy level. That lemon oil stuff is amazing. I’m using it several times a day – just like you said. But you weren’t kidding. Who knew putting a few drops of fruit oil in my water bottle would matter so much. 

Black pepper and lemongrass  

I use black pepper and lemongrass. I put 1 drop of each on the bottom of my foot once in the morning and once at night. Also I take basic vitality supplements. My doctor took me off my high blood pressure meds because I no longer need them. My numbers were running 150/90 and now my numbers are 128/80.

Grounding essential oil blend

My husband is an RN at the county jail. A friend and coworker who is 30 weeks pregnant began to be very dizzy and felt "weird." They checked her blood pressure and heart rate and they were both dangerously high, which was unusual because at the time, she hadn't really exerted herself in anyway.

She began to cry and be very emotional because she'd had multiple miscarriages and she was understandably worried! My husband had her lie down in on a dental chair, they all made her as comfortable as possible, but her blood pressure was still 167/95 and she was sobbing. My husbanded instructed her to apply some Grounding essential oil blend to her feet, then rub drops on her palms and inhale. Within less than 5 minutes, she was calm and her blood pressure was 122/65. ASTOUNDING!!! 


I went to my doctor today for my 4 month diabetes check and my blood pressure was a lot lower than normal (which is weird since I came from work). Anyway I've been on blood pressure meds for years but I've been using oils since May and started with Grounding blend in July. Not doing the standard protocol yet because I don't have all the oils. But I have been using Grounding blend and lavender 2x a day. I also use Massage essential oil blend which had the cypress in it. As of today I am officially off blood pressure meds!!!!

High quality supplements that contain essential oils

I have been on the basic vitality supplements for over 2 years and so many things have changed for me and my health. My cholesterol is fine, blood pressure is good and my energy level is high most of the time. 

The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any specific medical condition. Please consult with a qualified physician or health care professional concerning any condition or treatment.

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Healing Solutions essential oils are synthetic

The independent chemist at Essential Oil University has found that the "essential oils" sold by Healing Solutions to be synthetic fragrance oils.

Wanted to remind people to beware of this company known as Healing Solutions who continually sells synthetic scam oils...
Posted by Essential Oil University on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Be sure to purchase your essential oils from a reputable source.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Improved eyesight and essential oils

“I have been wearing uni-focal contacts for 12 years now.  This means that one eye is for reading and the other eye is for distance.  I am currently wearing the highest magnification that can be worn before going cross-eyed.  I still need “reading glasses” just to read, especially at work on night-shift.   To my total amazement, I have discovered that using Anti-aging Blend around my eyes, twice a day, I do not need the “readers.”  I only am using contacts and I can read even tiny print.  Yeah!”

A lady at one of our team’s education classes shared her personal experience with improved eyesight within 2-3 months. She no longer needs to use her reading glasses to read. She used Anti-aging Blend topically on the bone around her eyes every morning and night (since the Anti-aging Blend is a roll-on, I can’t say for certain how many drops, but probably less than 1 or 2 drops). She started last August and noticed in October that she didn’t need her reading glasses to read. Amazing!

I have been using essential oils for about a year and a half. I take the Basic Vitality supplements,  Cellular Complex Blend, phytoestrogen complex, bone nutrient and use many of the oils. I started using the Anti-aging Blend morning and night around my eyes to help with wrinkles. About six months ago I started feeling like my contacts were blurry. I went to the eye doctor and my eyes have improved 33%!! Back to what they were in 1992!!! The doctor was amazed! Then today I made another eye appt, because again I was having trouble seeing. They have improved another 30%!! So over all in the last year, my eyes have improved about 50%!! The only thing I have changed is using essential oil products!!! Amazing!!

My 53 year old eyesight has improved with Anti-aging Blend per my eye doctor! Amazing!
I was told I needed eye surgery on both eyes for corneal dystrophy that was severe, so I began dabbing Anti-aging blend around my eyes 3 times a day. One month later I saw the surgeon who said that while I have the disease, it is not severe and no surgery is needed. I'm going to keep using this in hopes it is fully restored.
Frankincense helps with eye issues too and is unbeatable combined with Anti-aging Blend. After a couple of days, the flashing lights I'd been living with for a number of years disappeared and so did the pinpricks through my eyes, which the ophthalmologist said was from dryness. I also noticed that my night vision improved immensely. I also use the Anti- aging Blend for soft, smooth skin.
After using the Anti-aging Blend for 3 months I went into the optometrist and he reduced my prescription. 1 year later it was reduced again! I love my Anti-aging Blend! I use 1 tiny swipe under each eye every morning! Under (like a football player smudge). Not in eye. I was a -3.5. Went down to a -3.25 and now I'm at a -3. I believe the omegas I'm taking in the Basic Vitality supplements is a good portion of the success too. But I did not have success with just the Basic Vitality supplements. (I've been using it for 4 years!)

I took a friend to the eye doctor yesterday. She has to get shots in her eye every 3 months, Since she has started using the Anti-aging Blend around her eyes 2 yrs ago she has not had to have any shots. The doctor couldn't believe how good her eyes where. He gave her a real good exam and said her diabetes was gone as well and she could also see one line lower on the chart. He said to keep using the oils that it has to be working.
Anti-aging Blend testimony: I have glaucoma which I was diagnosed with at age 13, I'm now 27. Over the past 14 years I have been on over 15 different eye drop medications to manage my pressure; all of which created some side effect as I'm sensitive to everything. Two years ago I had surgery on both eyes but it wasn't until this last February that I convinced my Dr to let me try to go without medication all together. Since then I have used the Anti-aging Blend around my eyes twice a day. Today was my check up and my pressure is 16! Normal is 15 or below, for me my Dr is happy with anything below 24. Definitely won't be stopping the Anti-aging Blend! - Veronica

My mother had a stroke in January 2015. She was very lucky and didn’t have any physical signs, (no paralysis etc) but she did have a black spot (I don’t know the medical term) in her vision in her left eye. Two doctors told her it would never go away but her body would adjust to it being there and after time it wouldn’t interfere with anything. She wasn’t comfortable about driving for about 3 weeks but then was okay with it. She started applying the Anti-Aging Blend around both eyes daily about March or April. It is known to help with vision issues. Yesterday she called me and said she had been to the Georgia Eye Institute yesterday for her vision checkup. They did all sorts of tests and the doctor kept looking in her left eye and then back at the test results. She was getting concerned because he spent so much time on that one eye. He finally sat down on the end of the bench and said to her, “Do you know how lucky you are?” Mom said, “yes I do feel very lucky” (She told me she was thinking about how lucky she was that there was no paralysis from the stroke) The Dr went on to say, “Do you know how often these (the Large Black spot) go away? Never. NEVER! She said he emphasized never. But it’s gone!!
She thought she was seeing better but just figured her body had “adjusted” to the area just like the Dr’s said it would. Well, she can see better because it is gone.  


I love frankincense! I have been applying this oil just above my eyebrow and it has increased the vision in my right eye from optic neuritis caused by my MS. This is truly amazing considering that doctors have repeatedly told me that I will never regain my sight due to the damage. I never expected a miracle to work on me, and have been truly blessed for the improvements in my vision. Today, I can see more distinctive shadows and in the right lighting some colors! 


While scrolling through facebook posts, I noticed my vision in my left eye becoming blurred in a way that made what I saw look like I was trying to read through the line on a bifocal lens... only it was kind of in a circle at the center of my focus. It became worse over the next few minutes, and did not go away when I tried looking farther away, or walking around the house and looking at different objects both far and near. This was a cause of great concern for me, as my other eye is almost unable to focus at all, so I depend heavily on the vision my left eye provides.

I remembered that some essential oil users had reported an improvement in vision with the use of frankincense along the bones surrounding the eye socket. So I got my bottle of frankincense and applied several drops to that area of my left eye. I also placed one or two drops on my neck. Within just a few minutes, my vision returned to normal, and has been normal for at least a half hour.

“I did not have a tear or detachment, but could have easily. I had to take it easy for a whole month. I take a drop of frankincense under my tongue every morning (when I remember to) and have been putting it around the eye bone as often in the mornings as I can remember to. Also I use melaleuca and myrrh sometime as well. I still have the floater, but I don’t see it as much. I think it has helped. My vision has improved so that’s a plus and my wrinkles are not as noticeable.”


“I have worn prescription bifocals for over 10 years.  The other night I picked up some mail off the cabinet and naturally reached for my glasses.  I was almost startled to realize that at the moment I held up the letter and before I had put my glasses on, I could read the address!   I don’t need them any more.  I went in to have my eyes checked this last week and my ophthalmologist said that my eyes had improved and I did not require nearly as strong a prescription.  I now only wear glasses for night driving!  She said that it is unusual but not unheard of for peoples eyesight to improve, and said; “whatever you are doing… keep it up!”

What am I doing?  I use frankincense around my eye sockets daily. Just a single drop.  Every two weeks I switch to helichrysum for a week.  I also take my Basic Vitality supplements daily.  I’m not sure where most of the help is coming from, but I’m glad to have the problem of not knowing for sure which is helping.”

I had iritis/uveitis in my right eye, and I tried a couple of different things and ended up really liking the frankincense / cypress / lavender blend – it’s been really good for the iritis, and my eye doctor thought it was healing faster than it “normally” would, which is great.

I was going through my routine facial stuff yesterday morning and noticed that under the right eye was less wrinkled than the left, so I decided that I needed to put it around both eyes. This is a great side effect, but there’s more! This morning, after my shower, I forgot to put my glasses on before I went downstairs, and I didn’t even notice it until I went to turn on my computer! I’ve been wearing bifocals for 5 years for presbyopia and astigmatism, so this was fairly astounding to me. And the really, really cool thing is …. I haven’t put my glasses on all day!!”

Macular degeneration and essential oils

My mother who is 88 yrs old has macular degeneration in her eyes. (Her mother died legally blind). It has progressively gotten worse over the last four years to the point that her doctor in Provo, Dr. Carver, told her that she needed to start coming into his office every 4-6 weeks to get shots. She had been taking the vitamins and eye drops he had recommended for her, but her vision was getting progressively worse. So each 4-6 weeks she would go in for shots and the doctor would tell her they were a little worse each time. Last Winter/Spring (can’t remember the month) my sister told her to start rubbing Clove essential oil on her reflex points on her feet, and Anti-Aging Blend around top of the eyebrow and down around the cheek bone 1-2 times each day. Last April was the first time she had gone in and he had said, “Well, they didn’t get any worse this time. That is good”. But keep coming in for shots.

She was starting to see clearer and clearer so she skipped all her appts this summer and just went in last week to have another check up, totally anticipating more shots. When the doctor checked her eyes he couldn’t believe it. He told her there were no more broken blood vessel breakage, and her eyes did not get worse, in fact the right eye was getting a little better. He told her these words, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it, because it is working!!!” She was thrilled. She doesn’t need to use her glasses to read the small print of the scriptures anymore. She is SO Happy. She doesn’t ever plan to quit using those oils. They have saved her money on all those shots and co payments each month. That saved money is helping her buy more oils. She is thrilled.

My daughter, Alexis, has had a similar experience. She has worn glasses since she was 4 yrs old. Two years ago, the doctor told her they were at a point where they would not get any better. He told her the same thing last year too. She began to pray really hard about her eyes and felt like she should start using Anti-aging Blend every day around her eye (not inside the eye). she did this for several months, and she NO LONGER WEARS GLASSES AT ALL!!! In her words, this is what she says, “I know Heavenly Father blessed my eyes, and Anti-aging Blend helped too.” She gave all the credit to God.


Regarding macular degeneration: My mom is 73 yrs old and has been using Frankincense around her eyes consistently for four months...she has seen amazing improvements. She said it is almost gone.


My father has been struggling with Macular Degeneration for over 13 years. One day last month he told me that his left eye finally went dark. Everything was nearly black in it and his right eye was moving in that same direction.

We heard about the Anti-aging Blend improving people’s eyesight as a side effect and so I gave him a bottle to apply around the socket of each eye before he went to bed. The next morning he reported happily that he could see light out of his left eye again. He repeated the same routine in the morning and in the evening from then on and the second morning he could see color. The third morning he could see shapes. The fourth morning he could see shapes at a distance and said his right eye was becoming clearer, too.

That’s pretty amazing and very exciting for all of us, because he (at 84) is easier to care for when he can see to get around and do things on his own. Three weeks later he left on a trip with my brother to the Norwegian Fiords because he could see again and always wanted to go there. Neat huh!


The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any specific medical condition. Please consult with a qualified physician or health care professional concerning any condition or treatment.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

H. pylori and essential oils

Some essential oils recommendations for individuals with an H. pylori infection.

Recommendation 1
  • Digestive Blend
  • lemongrass
  • oregano
  • 3-4 drops of each in a capsule until symptoms subside 
  • This is a hot protocol. If it's too hot for you, then add some fractionated coconut oils to the capsule.
In a scientific study, lemongrass was found to be more effective against H. pylori than Clarythromycin (an antibiotic often used for H. pylori), and also H. pylori did not develop an immunity to Lemongrass, while it did develop immunity to the antibiotic. 

Recommendation 2

  • 6 drops of peppermint
  • 6 drops of Digestive Blend
  • 2 times a day, and then once a day when things settle down.
  • Probiotic Defense Formula is highly recommended.  
As a variation of this, I've also seen the following recommendation:
  • 4 drops of Digestive Blend
  • 4 drops of Peppermint
  • 2-3 times per day
Recommendation 3
  • 3 drops of Protective Blend
  • 3 drops lemon
  • 3 drops Digestive Blend
  • 3xs a day before meals
  • Muscle test for how long to stay on the protocol (one individual needed it for 15 days)
Recommendation 4
  • 3-4 drops of Digestive Blend in water every couple hours
  •  rub Digestive Blend, Clove and Frankincense on the stomach area, use some fractionated coconut oil to dilute.
  • 1 capsule of Probiotic Defense Formula 3 times a day with food
  • Drink room temp water with lemon to help flush the toxins.
Recommendation 5

  • Use the GI Cleansing Formula for 10 days, followed by Probiotic Defense Formula
  • Repeat the cleanse 3 times with a 14 day rest between each time. 

  • rubbing Digestive Blend on her daughter's stomach helped her chronic H. pylori infection:
  • "I will never forget the first time we applied the Digestive Blend to her stomach. Within 1 minute, she sighed with relief. I was sold if it would just bring her relief from the pain. It was not even 2 week later that she was eating & feeling normal again."

    I used 3-4x per day: capsule with 3 drops oregano, 3 drops lemongrass, 3 drops Digestive Blend for my H. pylori. If it keeps coming back, I recommend quitting gluten. I also recommend digestive enzymes.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Synthetic cinnamon bark oil

Dr. Pappas, an independent essential oil chemist, has found that an unnamed essential oil company's cinnamon bark essential oil contains a significant synthetic component.

UPDATE: REGARDING SYNTHETIC CINNAMON BARK OILDear EOU followers, First let me say that I am not posting this out of...
Posted by Essential Oil University on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Be sure to obtain your essential oils from a reputable source, preferably one that independently tests all of their essential oils.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Do not purchase essential oils from Walmart

We wouldn't recommend purchasing essential oils from Walmart.

1) Walmart's cinnamon oil is actually not cinnamon. It's cassia, which is a much cheaper oil. There is also some evidence of the addition of cinnamic aldehyde (i.e., a synthetic).

Because cinnamon bark is such a hot topic lately, in the first of this latest Wal-Mart series we decided to start with...
Posted by Essential Oil University on Thursday, 3 March 2016

2) Walmart's lavender oil is actually not lavender. It's lavendin, which is a much cheaper oil.

The second in our series of Wal-Mart oils we decided to look at the "Lavender" oil which claims on the packaging to be...
Posted by Essential Oil University on Friday, 4 March 2016
3) Walmart's peppermint oil is actually not peppermint. It's cornmint, which is is a much cheaper oil.

This "Peppermint" oil is the third and final one of the recent Wal-Mart oils that I am going to look at because at some...
Posted by Essential Oil University on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Be sure that you purchase high quality essential oils from a reputable source.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

MRSA and essential oils - Stories

Stories of individuals with MRSA and essential oils
We had an experience with an 18 month old with MRSA.  We made a salve with virgin coconut oil, Frankincense and Oregano.  We made a week supply with the oils so they could be used 3 times a day.  We added about  3 drops of Frankincense and 1 drop of Oregano for every use.  That is 63 drops of Frankincense and 21 drops of Oregano for the one weeks supply.  We put it in a small glass salve jar to make it easy. Oh, the end of the story or shall I say the beginning of the story is that the MRSA cleared within that week!!- 
I found the following protocol for MRSA relief:

Dill 3 drops, Clove 2 drops, Wild Orange 3 drops, Cinnamon Bark 2 drops, Frankincense 3 drops. Put in roll-on bottle. Apply to bottoms of feet every 2 hours.
My son was tested in ER room on his 3rd trip in to have a clogged gland lanced,when I didnt think it was that we had another doctor come in and he tested it as I thought it looked like a toxic spider bite. He tested positive for MRSA in wound and was admitted to hospital on very strong Iv and was told he would be in a minimum.of 4 days (I started oils that day and the 2 xs a day and he was discharged in only 2 days! I put Protective Blend on the wound and rubbed oregano on bottoms of his feet.
We went to the Dr. (her OBYGN) and he said that the MRSA was ALL cleared up. That it looked good. He said once you have MRSA you will always be a carrier for it. If it flares up again he said that there is only one medicine that she could use that would not harm the baby. We just kept Melaleuca on the affected area then put Frankincense, Protective Blend, and Oregano that we mixed in a roll on bottle on her feet followed by peppermint and lemon in a roll on bottle. She would put those on her feet every two to four hours. It worked great.
My friend uses Protective Blend to treat her staph when it recurs. She was to the point where she was antibiotic-resistant to the medications, but now the Protective Blend clears it up for her! I caught MRSA from a hospital stay & used melaleuca topically on it, then Protective Blend on my feet. 
Protective Blend just saved my friend from MRSA! 
My son had a bad MRSA infection! He hid it from me for a week. It was late so I thought ok we'll try the oils but if it's not a LOT better in the morning we are going to the doctor. It was under his arm and really bad!! We did oregano and melalauca on his feet. By morning it was substantially better. The next morning I added the on guard. I only got it on in the morning. On six days it was completely gone.

My friend had the MRSA show up in blood test. She had been taking Cellular Complex blend and at a follow up blood test all was clear .
We healed my mother of MRSA with 4 drops of rosemary, thyme and oregano each in capsule 3 X's a day.  Took them for 2 months straight then off an don for a year.   She takes them periodically if we get in compromising situations...hospitals, nursing homes etc.
We have been through a very long MRSA battle with our 3yr old and think we have recently gotten it under control with the oils and essential oils.  I would recommend starting with the GI Cleansing Formula.  1 cap, 3x/day for ten days and then use the Probiotic Defense Formula - 1 cap, 3x/day for 5 days.  Take a ten day break and then do it again for two or three rounds.   
We started with oils and then went to the cleanse w with our little one and I think it would have been better to start the other way around.  I also treated her outbreaks with diluted on guard all over the area that the outbreak occurred.  I would wait a minute or so and then put on melaleuca (undiluted).  I also put both of those things on the bottom of her feet in the same way.  I did that 5 times a day.  2 drops of Frankincense (diluted if needed to get coverage) rubbed down the spine 2-3x/ day will help kill the bacteria that hides in the spinal fluid.  I also washed her twice a day with organic tea tree soap.  
Her case was pretty bad so when I saw a doctor. He said to put her on melissa as well.  She took capsules of melaleuca (2 drops ), oregano (1 drop) and melissa (1 drop) two times per day also.  Also, when taking the oregano, you should have a week on and then about a week off to give your liver a break.   
On the off times, I made the caps the same just minus the oregano.  We were also diffusing three times a day with Protective Blend and melaleuca (2 drops each).  Even though these products are great, it was not quick but I hope this helps.  One other thing-consistency is key. 
My colleague's cousin carried MRSA for several years... She started to drink Protective Blend in her tea prior to a surgery to strengthen her immune system, and when they tested her blood before the surgery her MRSA was gone! The doctors were stunned!
I have a friend who's daughter has gotten MRSA a few times. She's just started treating all bumps/sores that pop up with oregano, topically to kill off any bacteria.
Three members of my family suffer from MRSA. Two had persistent outbreaks. One only had two. The two with the persistent outbreaks had surgery on one or more occasions and went through repeated rounds of antibiotics. The other had surgery and one round of antibiotics. After they discovered essential oils they used melaleuca. They used it neat, on the eruption, 4 to 5 times daily and continued for several days after it cleared. They cleared up and haven't has subsequent eruptions. Protective Blend, Oregano and Melaleuca are all very effective in combatting MRSA. 
I had a friend who had MRSA on bottom of her foot and the doctor was putting her on 2nd round of antibiotics with no luck. I had her do combo of olive oil (didn't have fractionated coconut oil) and melaleuca and oregano. It healed quickly!
I recently had someone who had MRSA. Topically, he put Myrrh. Orally, he took as often as he can during the day, oregano, melaleuca, Protective Blend, frankincense... It got better within 24 hours! It is sooo amazing! He said, usually, it'll take a week or two (he's had it before).
I had dropped Protective Blend directly on my son's MRSA infection, topped with warm compress, and did Protective Blend, melaleuca and oregano on his feet. He was done w/IV's in 2 days instead of the minimum 4 days+. =
Oregano on the infection 3-4 times a day. Do not use for more then ten day. I like sovereign silver gel on it if you want to put something on it and then cover. My son's had it pretty bad before he told me. It was totally clear.
My brother-in-law had MRSA and the antibiotics were doing nothing. I put him on a regimen of Protective Blend topically and colloidal silver (sprayed directly onto the infected areas) and it healed rather quickly in 7 days
My 30 year old daughter had MRSA a year ago. Long story short we did applied 10 different essential oils to her back (a MRSA-specific treatment) plus I filled capsules with oregano and Protective Blend.  The hospital threw a fit over the smell so we did it in her feet instead of her back for 3 days while she was there.  At home we did it on her back for several more.  She was on an antibiotic but the hospital told us it would be a long process to get her better.  They sent her home after 3 days.  Five days after that she went to see her doctor.  He was shocked when he told her she was just fine.
I did the MRSA protocol (10 different essential oils) on my sons feet. He was admitted to hospital and was told a minimum of 4-7 days. Well he was discharged in 2 days....I also ran the diffuser w/ the Protective Blend.

Staph infections
My daughter got a staph (non-MRSA) infection.. Almost 3 weeks later it is 90% healed.. Treated with only fractioned coconut oil and Protective Blend. We are treating scar tissue with geranium, lemongrass and lavender.

For difficult to treat MRSA infections, we would recommend this protocol. 

You can find 40+  scientific papers about MRSA and essential oils here. 

The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any specific medical condition. Please consult with a qualified physician or health care professional concerning any condition or treatment.