Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tourette's syndrome and essential oils - stories

 Some stories about Tourette's syndrome and essential oils.
I have Tourette's Syndrome coupled with hyperactivity / focus issues. I have been using Calming Blend, Frankincense, and Invigorating Blend. I have noticed that the combination helps me stay calm and concentrate so I can get my work done during the day. I use it aromatically (using direct inhalation) and topically on the back of my neck and feet. At night I only use the Calming Blend and Frankincense to help calm my brain so I can sleep. At night I also use the two oils aromatically (using direct inhalation) and topically (back of neck and feet).
The Basic Vitality Supplements, Focus Blend and Grounding Blend work well for my Tourette's syndrome adult kiddo plus he uses lavender for calming. Tourette's syndrome often partners with OCD, anxiety, focus / hyperactivity issues, etc.
We use a blend containing lavender, marjoram, clary sage, vetiver, frankincense and ylang ylang for my husband who has Tourette's. It works very well on calming his Tics, reducing anxiety and increasing focus. I would also recommend doing a cleanse with  GI Cleansing Formula / Probiotic Defense Formula. I would also highly recommend the Basic Vitality Supplements and Cellular Complex Blend. HUGE, HUGE neurological support there.

My son has autism, Tourette's and OCD. We use a frankincense, lavender, cedarwood, vetiver blend  in roller bottle with carrier oil on his neck before bed and in morning. His tics are done to almost none, OCD has gotten a ton better and his concentration has gotten 100% better as well as anxiety. In a 10 mL rollerbottle, use 10 drops of each of the above oils and fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil.

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